Not all apps are created the same!

We create a variety of apps where brands engage with consumers in various circumstances.

· periodically through events,
· on an ongoing engagement basis
· as the brands ecommerce platform
· As a feedback tool for companies/brands/industry

App development is underpinned with customer insights, understanding challenges and customer pain points and above all fundamentally shifting the way
customers experience your brand.

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We create Apps and get them to market through Apple, IOS,

How we work with you

1. Define the apps business & experience objectives
2. Understand who the defined and prospective target audience users are
3. Develop user personas – based on user research to………
4. We examine and problem solve pain points and specific challenges an app needs to address
5. We create a Journey Map of the user experience and review this frequently
6. Provide analytics dashboard and reporting measurements delivering data insights to get your brand closer to your customer

Questions we ask clients

· Will having an app enhance/improve the customer experience?
· Is the mobile experience brand consistent?
· Does the app innovate for the brand/ solve real problems?
· Identifying what the App ROI will be, key benchmarks and measurements.

Apps Unveiled

We work hard to educate and demystify what goes into making your brands app.
The breakdown includes
· Customer, Persona and User Experience Research in better understanding customer needs
· Engineering /building the app which is broken down into line by line of the functionality and features of the app
· Creative design development – Brand assets, design, look and feel
· User Experience Design · Database development
· Analytics, Measurement and Reporting Tool

Transformative Mobile Brand Experiences

· B&T Event App – transforming the event experience
· MSM2016 Event App

Why work with Us for Mobile

· Depth of tech know how and app delivery experience
· 10 years and 100’s of mobile applications
· Innovation for apps & problem solving – ask our clients
· Data analytics and insights that will improve your brand engagement

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“transforming the event experience”

B&TB&T Event App

“ MSM2016 Event App”


“transforming the event experience”

B&TB&T Event App

“ MSM2016 Event App”


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