MicroGifts: next-gen digital gifts


MicroGifts, one of the first players in the Australian digital gifts market, wanted an enterprise-ready digital platform that makes sending a digital gift easy, flexible, and instant!

Conn3cted created, designed and built the MicroGifts platform whilst working closely with the MicroGifts founders. It is specifically designed for the needs of business, allowing organisations to send gifts via the online platform or mobile app. We integrated MicroGifts with Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay using NFC to deliver open-loop redemption via the Mastercard network.

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We used smartphone technology to create a great customer experience that can be used wherever MasterCard is accepted.

Send a gift or view digital gift card
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The platform is a complete end-to-end branded digital gifting solution, making it easy for companies to send personalised digital gift cards that recognise, reward, and incentivise employees, clients, and partnerships. The online portal and mobile app let companies manage all aspects of creating, sending and managing personalised digital gifts.

One of our signature ‘from the whiteboard’ projects, Conn3cted designed and built this platform as a service digital and mobile platform from the ground up.