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We designed the company that we wanted to work for.

Conn3cted is an independent tech agency and software development company that provides end-to-end online services, a one-stop shop with a strong digital and systems integration capability.

We imagine, create and build digital products, platforms and technology solutions that are designed for a better customer experience.

As an organisation we believe in a work culture that promotes fun, energy and happiness at work. We are passionate about what we do and even more passionate about doing it well.

Our philosophy is that “technology should be simple and designed to transform your business.”

We work closely with our customers to:

  • Simplify, improve and automate the way you do business
  • Develop a strong technology strategy
  • Build systems based on best of breed technology
  • Create exceptional customer experiences

As a partner, we bring an experienced team and expertise in online strategy, solution design, creative development and building high quality technology solutions and integrations.

For more than fifteen years, Conn3cted have designed, created and built many many technology solutions, platforms, products, integrated systems, applications, mobile apps, digital promotions and websites for major brands, agencies and startups.

the ‘three’ in Conn3cted.

A long time ago, right in this galaxy, est. 2006, three tech-savvy wizards wanted to create a technology company that was collaborative, creative and fun, with a dynamic workplace and great people doing cool stuff with technology.

Conn3cted was born.

As a new startup, Conn3cted’s first workspace was Emily’s kitchen table and the founders worked tirelessly to build their new company and a work culture that promotes fun, energy and happiness at work.

The founders, Glenn Murray, Emily Garcia and Kelly Lamborn, all had a wealth of experience in developing custom software for major corporations, coupled with strong integration experience and a passion for using technology to improve the customer experience.

As the company grew, so did their reputation for high-quality custom software and a high-quality, talented team.

Today, we have a great team of strategy, creative and technology experts that are passionate about what they do and even more passionate about doing it well.

The ‘three’ in Conn3cted represents that there are three founders, that there are three core elements in a successful project and that the number 3 is an omen of creativity, communication, optimism, and curiosity.

our values.

We keep it simple.

The measure of our success is through the use of simplicity in tech strategy, creative design and innovation.

We’re creative.

We are thinkers, problem solvers, innovators, designers and always looking at things from a different perspective.

We collaborate.

We learn from and share with each other our skills, challenges and experiences in an open and contributing environment.

We are constantly learning.

Technology is ever evolving, so we are continuously moving forward, changing and growing.

We’re all about the experience.

We are customer led, designing the experience first. Our focus is always fixed on the people we are building for.

We do it with integrity.

We live our values in the relationships we have with our co-workers, partners and customers.

we support.

Let's build something together.