Conn3cted AI


Conn3cted AI: revolutionising enterprise application development with AI-powered solutions

Conn3cted AI is proud to announce the launch of its groundbreaking platform that automates the creation of end-to-end, mobile-responsive enterprise applications based on a simple prompt. Designed to save time, reduce costs and streamline testing, Conn3cted AI promises to transform the way businesses, SMEs, developers, and startups approach modern application and micro-service architecture development.


Quickly and efficiently update legacy systems to modern architectures using current frameworks and technologies.

We developed Conn3cted AI so that we could consistently deliver high-quality applications and platforms to market faster.


Are you a startup with a great idea?

We can create a prototype that you can use to further build out your solution. Create a fully functional application prototype, download the source code, and focus on adding value to your new venture.

Low code

Automate your software development.

Our goal is to enable our developers to focus on writing value-adding code that directly benefits your business, rather than spend time on the foundational code that every project needs.

Who is Conn3cted AI for?

Whether you’re a startup looking to create low-cost, reusable prototypes, a business looking to modernise an old application, or simply someone with a great idea that you want to bring to life – we can help.


Seamlessly transition legacy systems to modern, scalable architectures.


Develop fully hosted applications based on custom requirements using AI.


Generate prototypes, download source code, and enhance customer value.


Create functional prototypes to demonstrate to investors, with reusable code for final products.

How Conn3cted AI Works

We will work closely with you to create a great prompt.

Initial conversation

Engage in a conversation with our AI to define the application’s purpose, user roles, and key requirements, creating a project overview.

Project understanding

The AI processes what it learns from a common language model to create a JSON schema that represents the data model and workflows that you need.


The platform automates the coding process, building the entire application efficiently. If you want to change the application, you just tell Conn3cted AI what you would like added.


We can deploy as a managed service for you on Amazon AWS or you can download the code and BYOD (bring your own deployment).


The code created by Conn3cted AI 100% belongs to you, to extend, improve or enhance with your own developers.

Conn3cted AI also implements OWASP recommendations for security, ensuring that your application is safe and secure from the start. So why waste time writing tedious base code when you can let Conn3cted AI do the work for you?

Try Conn3cted AI today and see how it can help improve your software development process. With Conn3cted AI, you’ll be able to bring your ideas to life faster and more cost-effectively than ever before.