MicroGifts: next-gen digital gifts


MicroGifts™, a best in class Enterprise multi-tenant SaaS platform for sending digital gifts that are easy, flexible and instant. As partners, we worked closely with the Founders to build MicroGifts from initial concept through to delivery.

A key feature of the platform is its one-card system. Traditional gift cards clutter up wallets and are often forgotten or unused. MicroGifts consolidates multiple gifts into one digital card, creating a single, manageable balance. This seamless approach ensures that no gift is left unspent and that managing your balance is hassle-free.
One of our signature ‘from the whiteboard’ projects, Conn3cted designed and built this platform as a service digital and mobile platform from the ground up.
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We used smartphone technology to create a great customer experience that can be used wherever MasterCard is accepted.

Send a gift or view digital gift card
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The platform is a complete end-to-end branded digital gifting solution, making it easy for companies to send personalised digital gift cards that recognise, reward, and incentivise employees, clients, and partnerships. The online portal and mobile app let companies manage all aspects of creating, sending and managing personalised digital gifts.

Recently, we have delivered MicroGifts’ B2C offering called Digital Cash. The first Digital Cash product focuses on Pocket Money and launched very successfully in mid-november. Importantly this solution removes gift card plastic in retail outlets by providing a paper based physical card that is activated digitally and is unique in the marketplace.

Having worked with Conn3cted for more than 15 years, across different organisations, Conn3cted have a highly competent, long standing team - that has always delivered - on every project thrown at them (normally at short notice). No exceptions. They have always gone the extra mile to ensure my business succeeds
I could not recommend them more highly
Managing Director MicroGifts and Fmr Senior VP ASIAPAC, Blackhawk Network