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mobile app development

From idea to go live, we can make your mobile app a reality.

Whether you're looking for a mobile app solution that will be the core of your business, or a solution that complements your existing operations, our team of iOS and Android experts can design and develop it.

Our mobile app development process

To create a great mobile app, you need to understand, target, and validate user needs.

Mobile app development always begins with the discovery phase. We look at your business goals and the intended use of the app. We run UX workshops with key stakeholders to understand user needs, create user personas, and determine what they need to achieve. When creating user personas, we highlight points of friction and present opportunities for a seamless experience.

Mobile app design

Conn3cted is design-led and we develop the experience before we write any code to allow stakeholders and end-users to review and provide input along the customer journey.

UI Designs and MockUps

We use low-fidelity prototypes to communicate design ideas quickly and capture any feedback on an ongoing basis. Once the design is locked down, we will create a high-fidelity design that will be developed.


Conn3cted uses the agile software development methodology. During the mobile app development process, we use a project methodology called SCRUM, where team members working on the project communicate daily.

Device responsive

During our mobile app development process, we make sure our apps are user-centric, adaptable across all devices, and enhance the customer experience on mobile, tablet, and web.



We deliver features incrementally, which enables the end user to test functionality as they are developed, rather than a major effort at the end to test all at once. This provides an opportunity for continual review and feedback on the functionality developed throughout the project.

Go live

Our mobile apps are developed to be used on iOS and Android operating systems. We submit these to the App Store and Google Play.

Our work

We work with some of the world’s biggest brands across a variety of industries to deliver custom software solutions.

Let's build something together.