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Emily Garcia

Emily Garcia is the Chief Experience Officer and one of three founding directors at Conn3cted where today she leads a talented creative design/experience team, which leads work in the areas of UX Strategy, Discovery and Design Workshops, Wireframe/UI and Responsive Design, User Centric Design and HTML/CSS development.
When Conn3cted started in 2006, the overall work focus within the business was skewed towards tech solutions such as systems integration and software development. The last couple of years has witnessed the rising progression of creative design within Conn3cted to crossroads the traditional rock solid tech/digital solutions business weighting of services.
The progress that has been made these past 2 years in the Creative Design division is really just the start. An immediate future ambition of Emily’s is to fulfill her goal of not only growing her team to at least 50% of the business staffing, but also ‘flipping’ the focus and weight on the deep tech projects and thinking to more creative, user centric design led projects.

“People are the active ingredient and central to everything we do.”

– Emily Garcia

1. My superpower is:
My Death Stare.
2. My must-have gadget is: 
A camera!
3. I got into Technology because:
While studying Graphic Design at uni, our lecturers took us into the auditorium and showed us ‘The Internet’…. and basically foretold the future of design’s role in technology.
This was what initially sparked my interest.
4. Technology means…
The creation of ‘things’ and always moving forward.
5. My mantra/philosophy is:
It’s all about the experience.
6. If I wasn’t doing this for a living, I’d be:
Focusing on my photography.
7. In the next 5 years, I see Conn3cted:
With a lot more focus on product development.
8. If I could tell my 20 year old self something it would be:
You won’t end up doing what you thought you would be, but just make it your own.
9. If I was an animal I would be:
Marcel the monkey, according to one of the guys at work..!?
10.Define your job in one word:
Creative 🙂