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Like most organisations, 2020 was an interesting year at Conn3cted. In this post we reflect on the year that was!

It’s a girl!

In our 2019 retro, we reported that we were expecting Baby number 22! This year we discovered that two other team members were expecting, with baby Rubi (pictured right) being born earlier this year and for the first time in a while, a team member is expecting a boy early next year. This will bring our baby count to 24!

We worked remotely

Conn3cted have always allowed flexible work arrangements, but the COVID-19 pandemic forced the whole team to work from home for the first time in our company history. Luckily, we were prepared and continued to work as efficiently as we did in the office. All up, we spent just over two months working from home. 

Conn3cted went orange from home

Each May Conn3cted raises awareness for Prader-Willi Syndrome (PWS). Covid meant team members couldn’t participate in the Finding 15 Walk, and that we weren’t able to wrap up our activities by wearing orange to work and enjoying a healthy morning tea. Instead, we concluded a month of raising awareness on May 29 and wore our orange best at home to show our support!

Let’s get physical

Our team members love to indulge here and there, but overall we’re all pretty health conscious. In 2020 almost half our team member stayed committed to a regular fitness routine! It’s amazing seeing the obvious physical progress, and the not so obvious – like one team member can now touch their toes!

Another rad Christmas boat party

On Friday December 11 2020 we cruised around the harbour and paid homage to the decade that brought us electronic music, blockbuster video, leg warmers and video games.

With COVID restrictions still in place at the time of planning our Christmas party, we decided to break tradition and do the same thing two years in a row. Not that our team minded, who doesn’t love a day on the harbour!

Lunch was a delicious bbq on the boat and keeping with tradition, the day finished at Greenwood Hotel.

What will 2021 hold?

The world is certainly an interesting place at the moment. In regards to COVID, Australia is in a way better position than most of the world, but with hotspots still appearing across the country, we wonder what 2021 will bring!

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