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Our creative experience team recently participated in the Adobe Symposium from the comfort of their own desks.

The Adobe Symposium is not only designed to showcase the latest innovations in technology and trends – it also brings together leading ‘experience makers’ from around the world. The event is growing every year, and the 2018 Symposium saw attendances of over 3500 people, who heard from thought leaders and global brands about how to bring together creativity, data and explore experiences that truly matter and connect with customers.


“Customers expect amazing experiences. And you’re the one who will make them. Because you are an experience maker  – a rock-star marketer or creative professional who knows the power of the experience economy. So, if you want to engage with your customers at a deeper level and create unbelievable experiences, then join us. Become an experience maker.”

Adobe Symposium Sydney

This year, the Digital Experiences Conference was a 2 day event that focused on the importance of customer engagement and creating memorable, meaningful experiences, and how this overall experience can help drive purchases as well as define loyalty towards brands.

“Adobe Symposium explores the intersection of art and science…” said Suzanne Steele, Adobe’s managing director for Australia and New Zealand. “We share a collective vision of incorporating inclusive design thinking into organisations through digital experiences, whether it’s through mobile, artificial intelligence, voice interfaces, operating systems or the Internet of Things.

The theme harks back to Conn3cted’s very own ‘Agency Open Haus Talks’, where we invited keynote speakers to delve into the topic of how tech and creative come together to deliver better customer experiences.

Conn3cted have long been touting the importance of creating compelling experiences, with the end-user always at the forefront of our design thinking. Our creative team focus on user-centered design, making the customer experience an integral part of our design process.

Overall, our team thoroughly enjoyed the Symposium Online and aim to be front and centre, attending the event next year.

Conn3cted are a digital technology agency that create beautifully designed digital products with a clear focus on a better customer experience.