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Powerful, intuitive, integrated into the product experience and personal routine, built with integrated privacy.

Apple Intelligence is a groundbreaking innovation introduced at WWDC 2024, designed to integrate powerful, intuitive, and privacy-focused AI capabilities into your iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

Apple Intelligence is a powerful personal assistant that uses advanced AI models to offer personalised, context-aware assistance in your daily life. It integrates large language and diffusion models tailored for everyday tasks. Additionally, an on-device semantic index organises information from your apps, allowing the AI to understand and help you based on your specific needs and context.

Most of the processing happens directly on your device, ensuring your privacy is maintained. For tasks that need more computational power, a private cloud offers additional support.

Now, let’s delve into the various features and capabilities of Apple Intelligence.

Powerful and Intuitive Capabilities

Apple Intelligence transforms your device into a personal assistant capable of understanding and generating language, creating images, and automating tasks.

We’re thrilled to introduce a new chapter in Apple innovation. Apple Intelligence will transform what users can do with our products — and what our products can do for our users

Tim CookApple’s CEO

Language and Text

Language is central to communication and work, and Apple Intelligence leverages large language models for deep natural language understanding. This enhances numerous day-to-day tasks, making them faster and easier. Here a list of new features and writing tools:


Tone Adjustment: modify the tone of your emails to sound friendly, professional, or concise.

Proofreading: perfect your grammar, word choice, and sentence structure.

Summarisation: condense lengthy emails with a TL;DR summary.

These tools are available across various applications, including Mail, Notes, Safari, Pages, Keynote, and even third-party apps. The Writing Tools can rewrite, proofread, and summarise text for you, whether you are working on an article or blog post, condensing ideas to share with your classmates, or looking over a review before you post it online.

Image Creation

Visual expression is made fun and effortless with Apple Intelligence, offering a range of capabilities for creating and personalising images:


Genmoji: create custom emojis by simply typing descriptions, such as a T-rex on a surfboard or a smiley face with cucumber eyes.

Image Playground: generate unique images by typing descriptive words and choosing styles like Animation, Sketch, or Illustration.

Image Wand: turn rough sketches into polished images using Apple Pencil.

These tools allow you to personalise images for conversations and events, making interactions more engaging.

apple image

Enhanced Siri

Apple Intelligence enhances the user experience by making Siri more integrated and responsive. For example, a new elegant glowing light around the screen edge indicates when Siri is activated, improving the overall interaction.

Additionally, Siri is now more versatile and user-friendly, thanks to its ability to maintain conversational context and understand natural language. You can also type your requests, adding to its convenience.

Siri has been enhanced with Apple Intelligence, featuring advanced natural language understanding and contextual awareness. This means you can speak naturally to Siri, and it will understand even if you stumble over words. Additionally, with improved contextual awareness, Siri remembers previous conversations and references information from your emails and other apps. You can also easily type your requests by double-tapping at the bottom of the screen.

These enhancements make Siri smarter, more intuitive, and better suited to your needs.

Personal Context

Apple Intelligence draws from your personal context—photos, calendar events, messages, and apps—to provide relevant and personalised responses:


Personalised Notifications: prioritise notifications to minimise distractions while ensuring important alerts are not missed.

Memory Movie: create personalised movies from photos, such as documenting Leo learning to fish.

Task Automation

With Apple Intelligence, you can perform complex actions like playing a specific podcast or scheduling events based on your personal context. It seamlessly coordinates tasks across your apps, saving you time and simplifying interactions.


For example, you can say, “Play the podcast my wife sent the other day,” and your iPhone will immediately play it. These capabilities make your interactions more efficient and intuitive, allowing you to focus on what matters most.

Privacy at Its Core

The system is aware of your personal data, but it does not collect your personal data.

“You should not have to hand over all the details of your life to be warehoused and analysed in someone’s AI cloud.”

Apple Intelligence is designed with a strong focus on privacy. It processes data on your device, ensuring that your personal information is not collected or stored in the cloud. When more computational power is needed, it uses Private Cloud Compute with strict data security measures, sending only the relevant data for the task without storing it.

Apple Intelligence represents a significant advancement in personal AI technology. It combines powerful generative models with deep integration into your device ecosystem and daily life. This AI offers a seamless blend of language understanding, image creation, content generation, task automation, and personalised assistance, all while maintaining a strong commitment to privacy.

With Apple Intelligence, your iPhone, iPad, and Mac become even more essential. It acts as a personal assistant that understands and anticipates your needs, helping you achieve more with less effort. Whether you’re writing the perfect email, automating daily tasks, or generating stunning visuals, Apple Intelligence ensures your devices work smarter, not harder.

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