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Blackhawk Summit 2015

This year’s Blackhawk Network Summit took place at the Melbourne Arts Centre, where the leaders and partners of the Gift Card industry came together to talk about emerging consumer trends, category best practices and technological developments.
Gift Cards have evolved from being physical cards to digital, mobile payments and micro-payments. The Industry is also enjoying a surge in a take-up in the Incentives, Loyalty and Rewards markets. The summit shared these successes and the digital roll out that is the future of the Australian gift card industry.
The day’s agenda had a strong line up of Blackhawk’s US team, with Rodney Mason, GVP of Marketing talking about the past, present and future of gift card trends and Talbot Roche, President of Blackhawk Network giving us an overview on current consumer technology trends.

“Innovation is continuous – technology always in development” #BlackhawkSummit2015

What was exciting about this summit was the unveiling of beacon integration with digital gift card sales, something that Conn3cted are developing with BlueCats beacons.
The day ended with a networking cocktail party that brought all retailers, card and digital partners in a more casual setting to connect and share their thoughts on the exciting and new digital program that Blackhawk has in store for the 2015-2016.

Blackhawk Summit 2015