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Over the school holidays our CTO, Director Glenn Murray took some time out of his week to help mentor and teach one of the Conn3cted kids how to code. This time round our junior developer Lockie, age 12, spent the week learning and developing games and virtual reality QR codes. The work that he produced was incredible and his eagerness to learn was something to be inspired by.
Teaching kids to code is exploding, especially in this new digital and technology focused era. For kids of this generation, it is a necessity for them to be skilled up in this highly evolving digital society. In non-technical terms, coding is the language that sits behind  and translates to computer software, programming, mobile apps, websites and online games. So it makes sense for kids to be involved in the current iGeneration world they are living in.

“It’s great to see such amazing talent at such a young age and I love taking some time out to mentor anyone who is eager to learn. Coding offers kids to learn about decision-making, cause and effect, and providing them a chance to build something from scratch and to have the ability to see the results in real-time.”
– Glenn Murray

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