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Meta continues to innovate the way we connect and communicate – with Threads.

Only a week ago, Meta launched their latest app, Threads, which aims to encourage conversation and create a positive space to express one’s ideas, leading to more meaningful interactions on diverse topics.

What can I post?

Think of Threads as Meta’s Twitter. It’s a casual social platform that allows people to discuss topics in real-time. You can write posts of up to 500 characters, upload images, gifs and videos. You can also quote posts and share them to your own profile – another way you can converse with users!

What sets it apart from other social platforms?

Threads is designed with the primary goal of fostering authentic and open connections among users. While traditional social media platforms often focus on broadcasting one’s life to a wide audience, in a manicured fashion – Threads takes the approach of emphasising discourse between users on their own lives and experiences, current affairs, sports, live events, pop culture or anything on one’s mind! As many platforms involve sharing pictures of oneself, Threads allows users to engage without the concern of posting the “perfect picture,” aiming to bring authenticity and conversation back to social media. Although it functions similarly to Twitter, it differs in that it is easy to connect with followers from Instagram.

It seamlessly integrates with Meta’s platforms.

As a part of Meta’s ecosystem, Threads seamlessly integrates with other Meta-owned platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. This allows users to log in using their Instagram accounts and communicate across various platforms, making it easier to connect with friends and family.

Its features are a lot simpler than most other social networks.

Yep, that’s right. At the moment, you can only use your Instagram handle as your Threads handle. You also can’t create “close friend” groups (but you can set your account to private), and you’re currently not able to send DMs either. Your feed contains a mix of accounts you do and don’t follow, and Meta has created a tailored algorithm, so you get fed content that is relevant to you! The lack of these extra features is very strategic, and an attempt to go back to the basics and encourage more open conversations.

Threads aims to foster a positive step in the evolution of social media platforms, by prioritising authentic connections and meaningful social experiences. As we continue to navigate the digital realm, Threads offers a promising future of a more connected online environment.

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