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Tech flavoured agency Conn3cted recently announced a partnership with the founder of hot fashion brand ‘Attitude’, Justin Herald, to develop a “unique customer service app”, which they christened ‘Serve Me Right’.
They say it gives consumers the chance to “have their say on brand customer experiences through social media”.
The app was inspired by Herald and aims to use social media to “amplify a consumer’s experiences with businesses and brands in Australia””Many big brands are removing the ability to provide feedback or even contact someone through phone, email or their website and this platform focuses both good and bad experiences that consumers are having with brands,” Mr Herald said.
To make it all work he needed tech experience – hence the partnership with Conn3cted which will proved tech strategy, digital integration and “innovation capability around product and platform development” to bring ‘Serve Me Right’ to life. Conn3cted Founder and CTO Glenn Murray said “Justin was so passionate about Serve Me Right and what he wanted it to do for consumers and businesses … we were on board from the first meeting.”
‘Serve Me Right’ was released through iTunes and Apple Play stores last month.
To view the whole report dwld the pdf. here.