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Ok, so this pandemic has kind of flipped our ‘life as we know it’ on its head a bit. Many of us now find ourselves working from home, schooling from home and with the social distancing rules, attending gym sessions and having girls nights…. from home!
Luckily for this generation, a pandemic doesn’t necessarily mean total isolation.

Technology is helping us feel less alone
and so much more connected.

In this post we look at some of the tech that is helping us all adjust to the ‘new normal’.

Working from home

The Conn3cted team have been working from home for about a month, and we’re pleased to report that technology has helped make things feel as if it’s ‘business as usual’.
Here are the software and apps that are making this possible.


We use JIRA software to manage our projects, delegate work and raise issues. This is something we’ve always used, but have found that it’s been extra helpful managing the team’s workloads remotely and assisting team members to plan their day.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams, or Teams as we call it, is a platform that allows people to chat, conduct video meetings and share files amongst many other things.

Teams has really allowed us to continue as if we were in the office. Our staff participate in daily scrum audio calls, and chat to each other throughout the day.

The best thing about this platform is that if anything is slightly confusing, you can call someone, share your screen and have a conversation as if you were in the office.

We also use teams for social activities like Friday afternoon virtual drinks or a virtual easter egg hunt!

Video chat software other work places have used include Skype and Zoom.

virtual drinks

Home learning

Parents with school aged kids have had to adjust to not only working from home, but also assist their kids with home learning.

Technology is making this possible with apps such as Google Classroom, where teachers can assign work, upload presentations and assignments and interact and chat with their class from the one place.

Many other learning apps that students have previously used at school such as Mathletics and Studyladder, have made the allocating and actioning of school work all the more easier while studying at home.

Online fitness

Gyms, personal trainers and fitness companies are managing to stay in business and keep their memberships up by conducting online workouts with platforms like Zoom.

Online workouts

Conn3cted team members Bernadette Gowanloch and Joshua Manson are regulars at F45 North Sydney. They may not have access to the physical premises, but they have been doing the online workouts in their own time.

f45 North sydney
the body coach

Online fitness for kids

You may or may not have seen Joe Wick, aka ‘The Body Coach’, conduct live workouts for school children. Remarkably, he got close to 1 million streams in one day!

Joe is an established personality in the fitness and wellness industry, but since self-isolation began, his Facebook page has exploded into a community. Parents now share images of their kids working out or participating in challenges!

Mental health

These times have led to unprecedented changes, and therefore an increase in anxiety and stress for some.

Technology is helping individuals stay in touch with their health professionals and meditation apps are helping some stay present and in control of their thoughts.

Access to health professionals

Appointments with psychologists or counsellors are now being conducted via Facetime or video conferencing platforms like Zoom.

Meditation apps

Meditation apps like Headspace or Smiling Mind are helping people navigate these times. Our marketing executive Matija is a fan of Headspace:

“Using Headspace during these times is helping me accept this ‘new normal’ and remind myself that some things are beyond my control, and that’s okay.”


Social media


The Chinese social platform has taken the world by storm and helping users stay fit and entertained with their various dance challenges. An example of this is this dance routine to The Weeknd’s song ‘Blinding Lights’. Jessica Alba’s video of her family doing the routine has close to 3 million views!

Users are also publishing their content about dealing with isolation, which is making the pandemic feel more normal.

jessica alba tik tok

Instagram challenges for a cause

A lot of celebrities are hosting workout challenges for a cause. For example, model and actress Molly Sims has created the Molly Sims challenge.

Here, she has asked her followers to share themselves doing a workout and use the hashtag #mollysismschallenge. For every entry shared to social media, she donates 5 masks to healthcare workers.

Molly sims


Facebook has, as always, been a great way to keep connected with family and friends through sharing experiences, photos and talking and chatting via Messenger.

It’s also a platform that people have used to maintain their sanity by sharing funny memes and activities to do whilst in ‘iso’. One Facebook page that has gained worldwide attention is the ‘Bin Isolation Outing‘ group which encourages people to get dressed up in fancy gear and costumes when taking their bin out. Group members take photos or videos and share it, all for the sole reason of putting a smile on people’s faces.

2020 meme

So these are just a few of the technology apps out there that are helping everyone navigate through and adapt to these uncertain times. No one knows how much longer this will go for, but if we stay safe at home and take advantage of the resources we do have, we can reap personal and professional benefits, and help flatten the curve!

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