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MicroGifts: The New Way to Give

MicroGifts: The New Way to Give

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The COVID-19 pandemic has tested many businesses – who were working closely together one minute, then found themselves working from home the next. The new remote working environment presented challenges to company culture, the health and well being of employees and also reduced the face to face human interaction that we all need.

Close-knit teams with a strong culture of collaboration and teamwork felt this the most, and the pandemic forced us to change the way we show people what they mean to us. 

As tech partner, Conn3cted designed and built the MicroGifts™ platform, which is a next-gen way to send and receive digital gifts.

How it works

Businesses can send a customised digital gift card to anyone they want. They can send their gift with a heading, personal message, image and branding.

The tech behind the gift

MicroGifts uses smartphone technology to create a great customer experience that can be used wherever MasterCard is accepted. It is integrated with Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay using NFC to tap ‘n go or pay online.

Whether you want to shout a coffee, pay for lunch or simply give some digital cash, digital gifting has changed the way we show people they matter.

“I think this platform has the ability to change the way we think about gift cards and is on the forefront of “micro gifting” as a new category,” says our CTO and co-founder Glenn Murray.

We have been using MicroGifts ™ ourselves internally now at Conn3cted to recognise and engage with our team so they know that they are valued.

To find out even more, visit the Microgifts website.

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