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Being a technology company, change is constant. In order to keep up and remain on the cusp of innovation, our team must never stop learning! Hence, ‘We are constantly learning’ is a value we live and breath at Conn3cted.

“Technology is ever evolving, so we are continuously moving forward, changing and growing.”

In order to keep up with the latest trends and technology, our team members are always updating their knowledge. This is through training, research, collaboration and trying new ways to solve problems.

Continuous Improvement

However, knowing what’s new with technology  isn’t the only way we display our ‘constantly learning’ value.

To us, it’s also about continually improving – ourselves, our processes, products and systems. It encourages us to always look at the way we work or the way we do things and find out how to go about doing it better.

Where possible, we like to follow the key elements of the Kaizen philosophy of continuous improvement, which include:

  • Quality
  • Effort
  • Involvement of all employees
  • Willingness to change
  • Communication

How do we do it?

As mentioned above, there are many ways  we go about keeping our skills up to date as well as reflecting on how we work. Below are some examples of how we constantly learn at Conn3cted.

Conferences and Symposiums

Team members are encouraged to attend conferences and symposiums that are hosted by experts in their fields. These events discuss current trends, what’s new and what’s to come.
Our team have attended Amazon hosted conferences, seeing as we use Amazon Web Servers. We have also joined in on Adobe Symposiums for our creative and user experience team.

Our Chief Information Officer Kelly (right) at the Amazon Web Server Summit 2018.


We also encourage team members to complete courses that advance their skills and knowledge in areas related to their field of specialisation. These can be online courses, or offsite and can range from Project Management courses on delivering scrum sessions to learning a new technology.

Review and Retro

Following our agile methodology, we also hold sprint or project ‘review and retrospective’ meetings. The review meeting usually focuses on the product being built and often involves a demo of the tasks completed thus far.
The team retrospective aims to identify what went well, what didn’t go well and what could be changed going into the next Sprint or Project. The end goal being for the team to reflect, learn and make improvements in the project sprints to follow.

Lunch and Learn

We host lunch time learning sessions that are often delivered by team members who are knowledgeable in a particular field, or want to share something new they’ve learnt.

Daily stand-ups

As part of our Scrum methodology/framework, we have daily huddles in our project groups. These sessions provide an opportunity for team members to bring up any issues they may be having, which in turn encourages discussion and collaboration to help solve any problems that arise.

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