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We have six core values at Conn3cted that guide our daily practice, and ‘we keep it simple’ is first and foremost.

“The measure of our success is through the use of simplicity in tech strategy, creative design and innovation.”

We believe that keeping things simple – whether they be a product, process or service – narrows things down to what is most important and allows for a more intuitive and enjoyable experience all round.
Simplicity isn’t easy to achieve however. It takes a lot of thought, creativity and problem solving upfront to achieve a level of clarity about an idea, project or solution.

What is simplicity?

Simplicity can mean many things to different people. At it’s most basic, it is defined as the quality or condition of being easy to understand or do. Or alternatively, the quality or condition of being plain or uncomplicated in form or design.
For us, simplicity is a design philosophy and a way of working to achieve an end goal. It’s about ‘nailing the basics’ and stripping away everything that’s unnecessary.
Simplicity is being able to provide elegant solutions to complex problems.
It’s about understanding what people think, how people feel and what people do.

Simplicity is intuitive.

simplicity is about bringing order to complexity

How we do simple

At Conn3cted, we work closely with our customers to simplify, improve and automate the way they do business.
We hold in depth brainstorming discussions during our discovery workshops to understand not only the business process, but critically, the end user and all the possible scenarios they may encounter along their path.
Our approach to designing a software product – whether it be an app, website, integrated solution or white labeled platform is to always consider the end user’s aims and offer the simplest means of achieving their goals.
Conn3cted’s core philosophy is that “technology should be simple and designed in a way to transform your business” and we engage with this idea on every project.
Our aim is to remove complexity, bridge the technology gap and deliver strategic, end to end technology solutions.

Conn3cted are a digital technology agency that create beautifully designed digital products with a clear focus on a better customer experience.