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Glenn Murray

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Glenn Murray is the Chief Technology Officer and one of three founding directors at Conn3cted.

His portfolio includes digital & tech strategy, business development and product management and he is key in developing a clients vision through customer experience, strategy and integrated solutions.

Glenn is a mentor and leader when it comes to innovative thinking and design led development.

“Simple means less code, Simple means less testing, Simple means easy to use and exponentially a better design”

“Customers have stopped talking features and benefits, they now talk about the experience” 

– Glenn Murray

In his spare time, his digital visions are incubated at Conn3cted’s tech labs where he works with product teams to collaborate and new ideas and concepts.

1. My superpower is:

Time Travel, I have been working with internet technologies since the early nineties and see recurring trends as new technologies evolve which feels like a time machine. I have always wanted to build a time machine. Great Scot!

2. My must-have gadget is: 

The inter web on my phone.

3. I got into Technology because:

I was exposed to programming early through a Commodore64, loved it and found I could understand the structure and logic quickly. Remember this was pre-Google days so you would learn by buying a book and typing each character of the program into your console…

“Technology should be simple, designed for people, it is through design that we create a great user experience.”

4. Technology means…

Using knowledge to transform the way we do things.

5. My mantra/philosophy is:
No such thing as Can’t .
6. If I wasn’t doing this for a living, I’d be:

I really don’t know, probably in a similar role where I am challenged, continually learning and have a lot of fun with a great team – I get to see ideas from concept to design to implementation and that’s pretty cool.

7. In the next 5 years, I see Conn3cted:

Although it still feels like a startup, we are ten next year and have evolved in that time from a software development company to a broader digital technology agency where we have the strong technology capability but also work closely with marketers on digital campaigns and creative technology concepts.

Our growth to date has primarily been by word of mouth, having a great reputation for tech capability and delivery. We have some exceptional talent and through our strategic marketing will grow further the next few years, through strategy and design led development, creating relationships with key clients and generating new clients based on our work as well as becoming the incubator for a number of successful products like LittleBig Shop, our Digital Marketing platform and Micro-gifts.

“Customers don’t want technology to be complex, they want it to work and be easy to use. The biggest success factor on a project right now is adoption”

8. If I could tell my 20 year old self something it would be:

Canberra Raiders will win 36-12 in the 1994 rugby league grand final. If it was today, I would recommend a technology career as it is still a young industry that has so many opportunities for ideas and innovation.

9. If I was an animal I would be:
A Tiger!.
10.Define your job in one word: