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“Tech + Creative drives better Customer Experiences”

The initiative of North Sydney based strategic creative technology agency Conn3cted sees the creation of a second ‘Agency Open Haus’ in an event environment for audience attendees to get up close and hear the behind the scene stories and insights on how tech and creative come together to deliver better customer experiences.
The keynote speaker talks are diverse, with speakers from organisations such as Canva, a Sydney online design platform global success story as well as Conn3cted strategic creative technology agency and it’s collaboration in working with Toyota from deep tech projects to a customer experience focus and the outcomes for Toyota ‘guests’.

Conn3cted Chief Marketing Officer Jay Hannant says “there are lots of great events for marketers, agencies, creatives and tech audiences in Australia right now but we felt there was an opportunity to dig a little deeper into the topic areas of technology, creative and developing customer experiences.”

Everyone is interested in CX and the insights from our last Open Haus event revealed a thirst to uncover more around how technology plays a part in CX. Of course it’s not all about technology as you’ll hear from former Canva CTO Josh Graham revealing insights on how tech worked hand in hand with creative to develop a design platform solution being rapidly adopted globally.
The last Agency Open Haus event held in May this year was about demystifying tech in the form of an experiential day that highlighted and showcased live tech solutions from various tech houses and digital agencies.
The event was extremely successful and the insights from attendees have led us to expand the highlighting of the creative technologists role to:

  • Thinking differently about how technology and creative work together for CX success
  • How to integrate technology into the creative process.
  • The Creative Technologist role in the creative process.
  • What does CX success look like for organisations 

Industry Panel Discussion:

Agency Open Haus 2

The event shifts gear with a panellist discussion on ‘how do we use technology driven data insights to inform/ drive creative’ and also poses the question to panelist experts and the advertising/media and software industries on what it means to each of us to be creative.
The panel discussion is led by one of Australia’s most successful Venture Capitalists and Co-Founder of Zeetings Tony Surtees. Audience are expected to hear very different opinions and insights from the panellist line up around how the organisations use data to drive creative outcomes as well as what creative mean to them.
Pannellist Line-Up Includes:

  • ADMA – Commercial Director, Richard Harris
  • Affinity ID – General Manager, Clint Bratton
  • Veda – Head of Cybercrime, Fiona Long
  • The Works – Co-Founder & Partner – Douglas Nicol
  • Datalicious – Founder & CEO, Christian Bartens

The event is targeted at advertising and digital agencies, marketers, creatives and technologists.
The event takes place on Wednesday, November 25 from 5.30pm.
More details can be found at