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Glenn interview

Meet Glenn Murray

Glenn says the culture of Conn3cted, a technology and design company based in North Sydney, was formed from a list of what the three co-founders liked and disliked about organisations they worked for.
“It was really important for us to develop a company where our employees enjoy coming to work. I am fortunate to have such a good strong team behind me,” he said.
This unique approach to creativity and change is also evident day-to-day, with the company recently modifying how they operate.

“We have changed the way we work as a company to be more design led so all of that design work happens up front,” said Glenn. “All the discovery work happens before we write any code. We have a process to understand what is important.”

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to do a colleague’s role for the day, just ask someone who works at Conn3cted.  Once a quarter staff take on a different role as part of a two-day challenge.
“Devwars is a two-day challenge where teams are put together to develop something new and different,” explained Glenn, Chief Technology Officer and founding director.  “One of the rules is not doing the job you usually do. We try to make everyone swap skins and try something new. It gets pretty competitive.”
After deciding to move their office from Milsons Point a few years ago, the team settled on North Sydney.
“We chose North Sydney for the relaxed environment, its access to everything and being close to the train station,” Glenn said. “It has access to lunch spots, public transport and taxis but also meeting places. It’s great being able to meet people somewhere. We also looked at office spaces in Ultimo, Pyrmont and Surry Hills but kept coming back here – it ticked more boxes.”
He also pointed out: “you can grab a good Thai dinner should we need to stay late.”
When Glenn is not working he can be seen cheering on the Canberra Raiders or hanging out with family and friends. The massive U2 fan has seen the band around 20 times; his favourite concert was the last time they came to Sydney. “I bought 44 red tickets for friends and family,” Glenn said.
His favourite memories of North Sydney?
“Nothing I can share, they all involve late nights and alcohol,” Glenn laughed. “The VC (Victoria Cross) used to be a great place. We had some good nights there. I miss the Victoria Cross.”
On 25 November, Conn3cted is hosting the  Agency Open Haus event from 5.30pm to 9pm.
Targeted towards CEO’s, marketing leaders, agencies, marketers, tech enthusiasts, and anyone working in the direct and digital arena, the event challenges audiences and panelists by asking what it means to be creative.
“We chose to have this event in North Sydney. We considered taking it across the river but we decided to have it here. It’s quite North Sydney centric,” Glenn said.
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