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“A good work culture and work environment is very crucial in helping your employees to put their best foot forward.” 

Pooja Agnihotri

What makes a great work environment? In this post, we look at how important it is to have a clear set of company values in helping to shape a company’s culture… which in turn helps attract candidates, retain your top employees and foster an engaging and supportive work environment.

First, your organisation’s values are the beliefs and principles that drive your business. They are the heart of your company and the reason for ensuring your employees work toward the same goals and beliefs as your brand.

Having a clear set of values, your employees understand what they stand for. These core values also give guidance for their work. Employees who work in a positive workplace enjoy coming to work, which offers incentive to keep them going throughout the day.

Core values are vital to a successful team culture. Define yours by sitting down and asking yourself the following questions:

  • What are your most important personal values?
  • Are they the same values you place on professional success?
  • Do you look for these qualities in the people you hire?
  • What would you never tolerate in your work environment?
47% of active job seekers cite company culture as their driving reason for looking for work (Pivotal Advisors)

Communication that is both transparent and open

We collaborate.

We learn from and share with each other our skills, challenges and experiences in an open and contributing environment.

Clear and open communication gives employees the confidence of knowing that what they have to say is valuable. It’s what helps employees feel like they have a place in the company.

Work takes on new meaning when employees realise that their contributions have an impact on the organisation with which they are affiliated.

Collaboration is one of the values at Conn3cted that we live by.

Work-Life Harmony

Between work and personal life, there must be some sort of balance. In general, having that sense of balance will boost employee job satisfaction. They will feel that they’re not neglecting other aspects of their lives that are equally, if not more, important to them than work.

Employers must ensure that their employees are happy, open to collaboration and able to express their creativity if the goal is for them to remain productive. Employees will be more invested in what your company produces if you build a great work culture that fosters all three.

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Christmas party work environment team culture

We ask our team at Conn3cted on a regular basis what motivates them, what makes them enjoy their work, and how we can contribute to a happy, healthy work environment. We hope you will consider some of these suggestions!

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