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Conn3cted’s creative team attended the Amplify your Creativity event run by Adobe in Sydney last week with the key take outs of the day being around innovative new technology and creative thinking.

“The event celebrates creative expression and the technology that enables it. Art directors are becoming animators, print designers are turning to web and photographers are shooting film – beyond defining these as New Creatives, we recognise that we’re operating in a new environment; constantly innovating, constantly disrupting.” – @Adobe_Aus #AdobeAmplify

Amplify your Creativity

Innovative Technology
The day started with demos of the new mobile apps and features that Creative Cloud are about to launch. For those of us from Conn3cted, we were most intrigued by the Adobe Slate and Draw apps, giving us the ability to create collaborative prototypes for customers in real-time. However, what we found most exciting was the possibility of integrating Adobe’s Creative SDK with some of our own products.
Creative Thinking and Content
The main theme of the day was about Creative being one of the fundamental pillars when it comes to developing projects and the success of a business in general. Another interesting take out was the view that everything and everyone has a story to tell, and to make that story the starting point of any project. For brands and agencies, it’s about using creative thinking to develop the stories that will resonate and connect with consumers at a deeper level and then strategically integrating and collaborating with the right technology to enhance that journey.
Conn3cted is about Strategic, Creative, Technology and we definitely believe and go by the thinking that each of our pillars play an important role in the build and design of every project we undertake.
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