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After completing my second year of Business at Uni I was looking to get some experience in marketing. Conn3cted sounded like a great environment to do that in, especially after I heard about their past projects and the soon to be launch of their new product ‘Little Big Shop’ which sounded very exciting!

My 5 weeks at Conn3cted seemed to go so fast! But in that short time, I have gained so much experience and learnt so much!

A typical day at Conn3cted in the life of me:

I would arrive at 9:30 am on Tuesdays and Thursdays and Matija would let me know what the plan was for the day.
We would then chat a bit about our weekends and other exciting stuff  before getting stuck into it.
Matija would give me a short lesson on the task for the day – for example on going through the features of Mail Chimp.
I would then spend the majority of the day working on the various tasks… all while listening to Matija sing or talk to herself lol.

Every Tuesday I would then meet with Glenn, Emily, and Matija and present what I had been working on. The meetings were very relaxed; the team would look at the positives and how to better improve my ideas.
The meetings really highlighted to me the importance of collaboration and communication in marketing.
By 4:30 pm it was time to finish up; I would always walk out of Conn3cted knowing that I learnt something new, which was always a great feeling.

Throughout my 5 weeks, I completed tasks on many different elements of marketing including:

  • Social media analytics and scheduling
  • Understanding marketing sites such as Mail Chimp, Hootsuite and Word Press
  • Coming up with social media ideas for conn3cted
  • Creating Little Big Shop EDM ideas targeted at students
  • Researching and creating Facebook contest ideas to promote Little Big Shop
  • Writing this blog post
  • Creating my own Little Big Shop to test the product. Being a part of the target audience of students, they were keen to hear what I had to say about using it.
One of my posts made it onto the Conn3cted Facebook!

The internship was a very positive experience in which I was able to learn a variety of new skills in social media and email marketing that I will hopefully bring with me to a marketing job in the future!
The relaxed working environment of conn3cted made it so enjoyable! Everyone was friendly and willing to answer any questions or help me in any way if I asked. I was also lucky that I was working a few times when it was people’s birthdays and got a taste of the Conn3cted Ice cream tradition!

A big thank you to everyone at Conn3cted! Especially Glenn, Emily and particularly Matija who taught me so much about marketing during my internship and helped me throughout my time at Conn3cted!

Conn3cted are a digital technology agency that create beautifully designed digital products with a clear focus on a better customer experience.