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As we welcome the new year, we’ve taken a moment to look back at the significant and – er, not so significant things that happened in 2018.

There must be something in the water

We are excited to welcome the 19th baby born to team members in our 12 years as a company! That’s almost 1.6 babies per year and helps to re-enforce our commitment to supporting parents and families!
Next year, we will counting our 20th as another bundle of Joy is due in May. We wonder who will be number 21?

Our ecommerce platform is ready for public launch

Little Big Shop has been our baby for a few years now.
We wanted to create a cloud-based ecommerce platform that focused on small business and provide a great user experience.
For those of you who know us, this project has been a labour of love and was behind the creation of the company

Lando would be proud

We completed the migration all of our customer and company websites, web services and server infrastructure to the cloud this year.

Toyota Parts Centre (TPC)

We developed a virtual warehouse technology that allowed Toyota to scan and move vehicle parts between existing warehouses and the brand new parts centre. Click here to read more!

Economy marathon

The company record for both the longest flight delay and the longest flight was smashed this year! The previous record was co-owned and involved a red eye flight, a broken down taxi and missing the meeting that was scheduled in Melbourne that day completely.
We now have a new record achieved by the owner of the previous record. This new bar was set with a return flight from Melbourne that left on time but couldn’t land in Sydney due to weather and involved a re-fuelling in Canberra and six hours in an economy seat.
Congratulations on a new company record!

Online Retailer 2018

We were again the mobile app sponsor at the 2018 Online Retailer Conference and Ecommerce Exhibition. The two-day event was held in Sydney and featured Australia’s largest range of ecommerce and retail tech solutions.

Did man really land on the moon?

We welcomed the Industrial Sciences Group as our new neighbours. A lot of their work involves outer space, which has sparked an ongoing conversation about whether man actually landed on the moon – or not.
Maybe we will see some evidence in 2019.

Christmas Party

This year’s Christmas party was one of our best, with friendly competition playing lawn bowls at the Manly Bowling Club.
There was four teams, with one team managing to score zero points in a round-robin tournament, allegedly not being told they need to get closest to the white ball, yet they surprised everyone in the last chance final by winning and receiving the trophy that was shaped as the back-end of a horse!
The winners final was won by the best team on the day!

Bring on 2019

There’s a lot of exciting things coming up at Conn3cted for 2019! Make sure you follow us on Facebook to keep up to date with the latest news!

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