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Just a little over a month ago, Conn3cted welcomed Alex and Lucas from Normanhurst Boys for work experience.

With their passion for tech and coding, the duo created their own websites, an ecommerce shop using our ecommerce platform Little Big Shop – as well as coding a computer game entirely from scratch!

We were thoroughly impressed with their programming skills, and loved to see what Gen Z teens who are obsessed with tech can do!

Read on to discover what Lucas had to say about the experience.

What sparked your interest in computer science?

My interest in Computer Science started in primary school when I joined the STEM Video Game Challenge and attempted to make a game using Scratch. Although throughout the competition I made little to no progress, it led to me experimenting by myself, and I find writing code to be very self-gratifying – especially when you get something you have been having problems with to finally work.

Why did you choose a tech company to complete work experience at?

I chose to work at a tech company I had an interest in working in the field in the future, as well as to gain an understanding of how a tech company operates, such as its hierarchy, and project management.

What did you do during your week at Conn3cted?

During my week at Conn3cted, I made a HTML website based on Conn3cted’s current website, a mock sneaker store using their eCommerce platform Little Big Shop, and a game in Unity. I am also thankful for the opportunity given to me to talk to professionals in the business and learn from them.

Did you learn or do anything you didn’t expect to?

I would say that everything that we did was expected, but it definitely was very interesting to see an office environment.

What was your favourite part of the work experience?

My favourite part of my work experience was the end of the week where we presented our work and I was able to reflect and look back at what I had done during the week. I also enjoyed meeting new people in the office!

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