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This Month In Tech, we’re covering everything from Apple going back to USB-C, Indian spacecraft landing on the moon’s south pole and flying cars.

Lightning to USB-C

The European Union decided that all smartphones, and all other devices which typically have lightning ports – including laptops – will require USB-C ports by the end of 2024. The idea was suggested over three years ago when the European Commission of the EU proposed the law, citing that it is more convenient for its users and also reduces electronic waste.

Although Apple did state that returning to USB-C sets innovation back, their argument wasn’t strong enough to convince the EU. All Apple products, released in 2023 and onwards, will have USB-C ports – showing how great of an impact the EU can have on tech giants such as Apple.

Landing on the Moon’s South Pole

A historic moon landing has just occurred – with India having just become the first country to land a spacecraft on the (until recently) unexplored side of the moon. The spacecraft ‘Chandrayaan-3’, with the mission’s rover Pragyan, began conducting experiments on the chemical composition of the south pole’s surface on the 24th of August. The experiments ran for two weeks and is the first successful landing after a failed attempt in 2021. The spacecraft even came across bodies of water on the moon’s south pole. What an exceptional achievement for India in space exploration!

Flying Cars to be Tested in California

A flying car created by ASKA has recently been approved to be tested in California by the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

How does it work, you may ask?

Well, ASKA’s flying cars have folding wings, which allows the aircraft to glide as well as propellers which keep the cars flying. They six motors, a flying range of 250 miles and seats one pilot and three passengers. The development of ASKA’s flying cars began in 2018 and has been designed to be completely roadworthy, with its large wings and propellers that fold onto its roof.

Gaining clearance to test the vehicle on the roads and in the air is a huge achievement for ASKA. However, the vehicle faces lengthy testing to achieve FAA Type Certification Validation – which will then make the innovation available for purchase.

ASKA's flying cars
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