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Apple’s “Tap to Pay” is a technological leap that will redefine how businesses operate.

This month Apple released Tap to Pay – a new feature of Apple Pay that allows iPhones to tap each other for seamless transactions. This ground-breaking capability will alter how customers can pay a business, and eliminates the need for external payment terminals. The new technology has the potential to transform how businesses operate.

Near Field Communication (NFC)

The innovation uses Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, to complete transactions between small to medium sized businesses and their clientele. To initiate a transaction, users can open the Apple Pay app on their device and select the desired amount to transfer. By tapping their iPhones against each other, payment information is securely exchanged, and the transaction is completed seamlessly. The recent innovation accepts Apple Pay, contactless credit, debit cards and digital wallets on an iPhone or alternatively, an iOS partnered app. Merchants can use Tap-to-Pay on an iOS partnered app or from an iPhone (either an iPhone X – from 2017 – or newer).

Who will benefit from Apple's Tap to Pay?

Its simplicity makes selling much easier for small businesses, as they can receive payments on the go, streamlining the process of selling – especially for those who sell from markets or food trucks.

Other small businesses who will benefit from the new feature are those providing services on the go, such as tradespeople, hair stylists, make-up artists and photographers. As the new feature eliminates the need to use traditional payment terminals, the feature allows customers to pay businesses who operate offsite, or at different locations, without bank transfer, being invoiced, or using cash. The new feature also eliminates the need for “square readers”— which are those small white squares you tap to pay at festivals or markets.

Tap to Pay opens a world of possibilities for enhanced connectivity, streamlined business practices and transactions. The innovation will redefine how businesses function and increase productivity. As fantastic as it is that you can now tap to pay businesses, the technology currently only facilitates transactions between businesses and customers. We think one day the technology will evolve to allow transfers between friends and family, and for a myriad of other scenarios… what do you think the future of Tap to Pay is?

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