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We recently hosted Macquarie University Student Breah for the PACE Media Internship – here’s what she had to say about it!

On the 20th of February this year I was welcomed into the Conn3cted family as an intern, as part of their marketing team. As a marketing intern at a software company, I gained valuable insights into the world of technology and business. Over the course of my internship, I worked on various projects and tasks, from social media management to content creation and film planning.

One of the most exciting aspects of my internship was the opportunity to collaborate with other departments within the company. I worked closely with the team to develop marketing content for both Conn3cted and their ecommerce platform ‘Little Big Shop’, that are aligned with their goals and objectives. I also worked with the strategy team to get a better understanding of what products they are launching. I learnt about how we could build campaigns and messaging to the targeted audience, so that it highlighted the unique features and benefits of our software.

Our tech lead, TC, getting in on the fun of filming our website video.

A challenge I faced as an intern was navigating the fast-paced and constantly evolving world of technology. It was essential to stay up to date with industry trends and emerging technologies, adapt quickly to changing circumstances and priorities, and be innovative in how we create content to be shared.

My internship was a really rewarding experience, and what particularly stood out to me, was the fact that the team trusted me to create a website video for their new website – that captured their work ethic and culture.  This was a really gratifying experience as they took onboard the ideas and skills that I brought over from my film degree, and entrusted me with such an important piece of work. I was responsible for researching best practice, storyboarding the scenes, filming and then editing and producing the video.

Overall, my time as a marketing intern at Conn3cted was a challenging and rewarding experience. I gained valuable skills and knowledge that will serve me well in my future career, and I had the opportunity to work with a talented and dedicated team of professionals. I would highly recommend an internship in the technology industry to anyone interested in pursuing a career in marketing or business, or like myself, wanting to gain experience and extra knowledge in extension of my film career.

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