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“Covid was back again… I had a job but no work.”

Like most people, Covid and the lockdowns was a hard hit for me. I had just finished my Bachelor of Arts Majoring in Theatre Studies and film and Screen Production. I had recently come back from Student exchange in Austin, Texas. I was feeling ready to get out into the workforce. But, it was nearly impossible to get a job.

I eventually found out about Streamed Shakespeare and joined the marketing team, helping with graphic design. I was also lucky enough in the few openings we had in 2020 and 2021 to work on some theatre and film productions such as Picnic at Hanging Rock at the New Theatre.

Through these new connections I made, I built up the courage to start my own production company Bear and the Owl Productions with a good friend. Long story short – we made a music video ‘Samsara – By Left Hand Side.’ To our surprise it was a hit and has been in festivals around the world.

This music video helped get my foot in the door getting some marketing work with Toyota… but yet again, Covid was back to put a hold on everything! I had a job but no work.

Once lockdown restrictions eased, I was given the opportunity to take up a Creative and Marketing internship at Conn3cted, who is a tech partner for Toyota. I admit I was a little intimated – working at a tech company? I don’t know anything about tech or really working in an office.

On a typical week, I get into the office on a Monday and have a marketing meeting with Glenn, Emily and Matija.

We discuss what’s coming up for the month, brainstorm some ideas and work out what I can work on. I generally help with the marketing admin, update the Little Big Shop help website and tutorial videos as well as come up with and sometimes illustrate social media posts (such as the one I did for Harmony Day of the team). Or maybe write a blog post about myself…

Eventually, I’ll be taking some photos and videos of the Conn3cted team. Although I’ve only worked here for a few weeks, I’ve already learned so much about working in a team, some tech words I’ve never heard before in my life, and a lot about marketing. I know that what I learn here will help me in my work outside of Conn3cted with how I work in a group, running a business and marketing. As well as helping me continue to improve on photography and filmmaking skills.

Harmony Day creative and marketing internship

Thank you so much to the whole team at Conn3cted for giving me this opportunity. I can’t wait to keep working with you and learning as much as I can!

Instagram: @bearndtheowl

Music video:

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