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Seven years after learning to code at Conn3cted, Lockie is now working with us!

In 2015, Lockie had just started high school and learned to code at Conn3cted during the school holidays – he spent time with our developers discussing code and gaming and this experience ignited his interest in technology and his chosen studies.

He is now at Macquarie University doing a double degree in Cyber Security and Game Design and Development!

We asked him to give us some more information on what he did between then and now in the hope that it inspires others who want to follow a similar path!

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What have you been up to since the last time you featured on our blog in 2019?

During my last years at school, I worked towards and achieved a lot of my goals. I took Software engineering and IPT as electives, where I learned a lot and had some fun. During this time, I also had the honor of being elected school captain. My work in years 11 and 12 earned me early entry into Macquarie University for a double degree in Cyber Security and Game Design, of which I am currently in my second year.

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Are there any subjects at university you've taken an unexpected liking to?

So far in my time at uni, I’ve really enjoyed the hands-on development work from both the cyber security and game development side, and can’t wait to get to the core of these units when we start making and breaking programs in the same stroke.

Tell us what you do at Conn3cted!

I am a Test Analyst at Conn3cted, which means I find and help fix the bugs, glitches and exploits in the software being developed.  This testing has often been from a user’s perspective, although I really enjoy getting technical with security tools in the hunt for more complex exploits and I have had the opportunity to apply what I have been learning about cyber security in real life at Conn3cted. I am also working as a developer to do a proof of concept creating a first person shopping experience in the Metaverse.

Have your university studies given you a realistic expectation of what it's like to work at a tech company?

Uni has helped greatly in narrowing down my learning paths from the many different fields of computer science into exactly what I need and enjoy. My studies aren’t yet complete and I’ll always be learning, but the paths I’ve followed so far have given me a great start.

Is there anything you're looking forward to learning more about?

I enjoy playing security CTF challenges and picking up new skills that would be useful to me as both an analyst and a developer. I am looking forward to continuing these alongside my studies to learn as much as I can.

We’ve enjoyed seeing Lockie actively develop his skills and abilities in this space and there’s so much more room for him to grow!

If his story sounds like something you’re interested in, Conn3cted is passionate about giving high school and university students exposure to the tech industry. If you’re looking to complete work experience or an internship, don’t hesitate to contact us here.

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