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It’s no secret that Conn3cted are always willing to take on students who are keen to get some work experience in the tech industry!

Our latest student recruits to complete a week at Conn3cted were Letahl and Andilia, who are currently in year 10.

After the usual introductions and office tour, the girls were first given a mandatory WHS induction with our ever capable WHS Officer, Matija. This was followed by an overview of the company, as well as a discussion about their current skills with Conn3cted CTO Glenn Murray and CXO Emily Garcia.

The girls were then given a project to familiarise themselves with our soon to be launched ecommerce platform Little Big Shop, and to plan and build a help website to present to the team.
Not only was this a great opportunity for the students to learn more about the everyday activities of a tech company, it also helped us get a better idea of what sort of tech is being taught in schools.
Letahl had the chance to answer some questions about why she chose a tech company, and what she learnt during her time at Conn3cted.

Work Experience at Conn3cted

Andilia and Letahl

Why did you choose Conn3cted for work experience?

Letahl is an avid coder and programmer and was keen to see what career path these skills could get her.

What’s one thing you didn’t expect to learn this week?

We were surprised to learn that Letahl enjoyed learning about the workings of a small business. “The people who run the business are really just a tight and efficient small team who are achieving big things.” (Aww, shucks.) Our team’s cohesion also stood out: “The Conn3cted team really show that with a group of the right people as a team, almost anything is possible.” (No really, stop. We’re blushing!)

Tell us more about what you did during your work experience?

Letahl enjoyed the flexibility of the project.
“Our project benefits us, because we get to learn and create, and it benefits Conn3cted as we are fresh eyes to their project and our website and feedback will help them understand an outsider’s view on their project.”  

Andilia and Letahl presenting their project.

Describe your overall experience

“…work experience with Conn3cted has been beneficial and enlightening. I enjoyed meeting the Conn3cted team and creating my project and this experience has enlightened me on what a programming and coding career path looks like.”

A gift from Letahl

A week after the girls completed work experience, we received this beautiful bunch of flowers from Letahl with the following message:
“Dear Glenn and Emily,
Thank you for an amazing work experience. I learnt many skills that I will need to use much through my life like time management, planning, and how businesses work. I enjoyed meeting the Conn3cted team and learning about your Little Big Shop program.
Thank you.

Work experience flowers

We were very impressed with Letahl and Andilia’s planning skills and ability to deliver tasks on time. Ultimately, that’s how projects get completed in a real-life tech agency. We wish them all the best!

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If you are interested in completing work experience with us, please send us an email with a short description about yourself, why you’re interested (max 150 words) and a copy of your resume to
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